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Window Products

Wood windows

Wood windows are appealing on your home, because they have character; but that character can sometimes come with the price to match it, as these can be some of the most expensive windows.  Don’t be discouraged by the price, because wood windows can add great value to your home, and can sometimes be more efficient.  The downfall of wood windows is that they do take maintenance, because they will need to be painted, stained, or sealed ever so often.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are great, because they are fairly inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and you can choose a wood grain or not; and vinyl is not a very good conductor of sound or insulation, so they can be very energy efficient.  Vinyl windows are also very low maintenance, since they don’t need painted and they won’t rot, which seems to be one of the popular chooses among today’s homeowners.  Installing vinyl windows in your home can come with some disadvantages, as they can often be damaged by hail or other falling or flying objects.  Vinyl can also become brittle from long exposure to the sun or just old age, so make sure that this product is appropriate for the area of the replacement windows.

Metal clad windows

Metal clad windows take the durability of the older aluminum windows on the exterior and combine it with the elegance of the wood interior; also the manufacturers have been able to make them energy efficient, whereas the older aluminum windows conducted temperature change and noise.  The metal clad exterior helps prevent wood rot with the protection of the aluminum on the exterior, while the wood interior allows you to paint or stain the window however you would like.  The versatility of the metal clad would have to be its best quality; however their downfall is like that of the wood window, as they are about as much as a standard wood window.

Here are some types of common windows

Double hung windows

Double hung windows are one of the most versatile windows, which makes it one of the most popular among home owners when it comes to replacement windows. These windows consists of two sashes, an upper and a lower, that move past one another vertically in one single casement; and most of the ones made today have sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning!

Casement windows

Casement windows pivot on one side or another just like a door does, so they will have hinges to one side and a crank that opens the window; even though these windows can be the most air tight of all functional windows (windows that move), they tend to have more functional parts that can break down more often.

Picture windows

Picture windows are fixed windows (windows that will not open) and are generally used to accentuate a certain area of a home, enhance the view of the outdoors, or allow for a nice display of certain piece on the interior of a home; and these windows are great for weatherproofing and insulating, however they will never allow for any ventilation.

Bay windows

Bay windows are any windows protruding from the home and are usually square or in a polygonal shape (If they are curved, they are bow windows.); or sometimes, they have angled sides and a flat front face (These bay windows are called “canted”.).  Either way, there are numerous types of bay windows, and the term “bay” is very generic and basically refers to “protruding” from your home.

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